Buriram Marathon is created by Mr.Newin Chidchob, the President of Buriram United and the Executive of Chang International Circuit, aiming to promote Buriram as a “Thailand’s Sport City Center”

The purposes of Buriram Marathon are to make Buriram one of the best marathon stadiums in the world, and to be a destination that the every single marathon runners will need to come and join our race at least once in their lifetime.

Buriram Marathon is organized and designed by the cooperation between the Athletic Association of Thailand (AAT), Asian Athletics Association (AAA), Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), Buriram United and Buriram Government. Buriram Marathon is approved by the International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF and the Athletic Association of Thailand (AAT) under the supervision of the Athletic Association of Thailand (AAT)

Buriram Marathon Courses (Marathon, Half-Marathon and Mini-Marathon) have been measured by the IAAF-AIMS Grade A course measurer.


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